1.     Where are my bets? 

       Once you have clicked the “submit wager” button, a “confirm bet” popup will appear. After you confirm your bet, a “bet placed” popup will be shown. You can then find your placed bets in your “My Bets” tab in the Horse Statistics section.

2.     Is my Owner’s Club TV and Owner’s Club Mobile app linked?

       Yes, these two applications are linked to your one account. The Owner’s Club TV, Owner’s Club mobile application, and sportsbooks are all showing the same race.  

3.     Can I make the horse race video full screen? 

       Double click on the race track and it will expand to full screen.

4.     Can I see past race results?

       Use the race selector section to go to past races by date, type, or race number.

5.     Where is my horses on OCTV?

       Your horses can only be managed in the Owner’s Club mobile application. 

6.     How do I place a bet?

       On OCTV, you can find tutorials in the menu button top right that will aide you in placing bets, handicapping a race, placing an exotic bet, and placing a multi-race bet that will take step by step.

7.     How much can I wager when placing a bet?

       You can select one of the predetermined chip amounts or you can select the black chip which allows you to enter the amount you would like to wager.

8.     What kind of device do I need?

       Mobile and tablet devices can download Owner’s Club app where you can train your horse, watch the races, and place a bet. On a laptop, Owner’s Club TV is where you can watch the race and place your bet. 

9.  Who can I contact with specific questions about my account, wager, or any issues?

       Contact CI-VS at support@ci-vs.com