Winner’s Circle: Fixed Odds and Handicap-able AI-based Pari-Mutuel Virtual Horse Racing

  •  In Nevada and other states, we are deploying a state-wide system that is to be launched in casino sports and race books.
  • Patented live virtual racing system with AI horses and real-world conditions.
  • Fixed odds races are shown in periods of lower wagering liquidity.
  • Fully handicap-able racing with complete past performance and real-time pool information.
  • State-wide deployment allows for large pools and exciting Pick-6 and other exotic wagers.
horses in virtual horse racing

Best US Style Virtual Racing Available

  • Offer numerous US and international race tracks, plus three Nevada home tracks
  • Customizable and customer determined race track design and branding
  • 8 to 14 handicap-able horses per race
  • 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12-furlong races on dirt and turf tracks
  • Weather conditions that match the real world
  • Customizable race schedule
horse walking to lineup

Owner’s Club

  • Players want to participate in virtual sports events – we’ve provided an outlet for this.
  • Players take direct ownership of the horses, cars, or fighters.
  • Players enter into live events that are playing out in your sports book and in their mobile device.
  • Players sign up online and wager through their casino sports book account.
  • Casinos can drive in-casino activities by giving prizes, items, and promotions to in-casino activities.
  • Players remain connected to Owner’s Club and our virtual world even when they go home.

Typical Deployment

  • For tracks, casinos, and betting shops, we render live events on-site.
  • For major casinos and tracks, our events are fully integrated with their existing wagering systems.
  • Alternatively, we can provide a turn key virtual sports and race book with POS, self-serve terminals and full back office.
  • We also provide mobile wagering through our Owner’s Club application or through your existing mobile wagering application.
wagering process


  • Players handicap the virtual races like any traditional race, using true past performance information.  The races are fully integrated with existing sports and race wagering systems.
  • Players place bets at a walk-up cashier, tote terminal, betting shop, simulcast facility, or on our affiliated mobile app.

  • The tote (LVDC in Nevada) receives the wager from the casino, adds it to the right pool, and then eventually settles the bets after the event is complete.

  • Players at every simulcast location view the live races at the same time, just like any other simulcast race.

  • When the tote settles the bet, players are paid out by the casino or track just as they would be on any other simulcast race.