Our Mission

Our mission is to provide immersive and innovative gaming products that drive profitable growth for our partners. We strive to constantly raise our benchmark of fun and collaborative gaming experiences. First and foremost, we respect the needs and interests of players and strive to build a permanent connection between them and our partners.



To be the market leader in virtual sports, racing, and gaming events in North America.




  • Build enduring, trust-based relationships with all of our customers
  • Be responsive and always listen to our customers and players; execute and deliver to their aspirations (desires/interests)
  • Always deliver the best of our company to our customers and players


  • Provide a sector redefining gaming experience
  • Have the superior technology in the market that never fails
  • Offer solutions in a timely and cost efficient manner


  • Drive casino gambling content to a socially engaging and immersive experience
  • Create a hybrid play gaming experience that merges the fast-paced and interactive aspect of video gaming with gambling
  • Balance meaningful amounts of skill and chance play to keep players involved in the action at the sport book or via mobile

Our Guiding Principles

Create Immersive Experiences
Deliver Our Best
Build an Unrivaled Environment for Talent
Govern through Core Values
Create Immersive Experiences

1. Create immersive gaming experiences through innovation

  • Focus on the different users and what excites them
  • Create experiences not products
  • Fail with pride
  • Imagine the possibilities and reject limits
  • Shatter the competitive standard
  • Release and iterate
Deliver Our Best

2. Deliver the best of our company to every customer

  • Work in partnership with our customers to overcome their challenges and drive value to their business
  • Build enduring, trust-based relationships
  • Strive for superior quality; ensure our technology works, always
  • Listen to our customers and their customers
  • Solve the problems we can as they arise, even if we don’t own them
  • Share our knowledge freely
  • Manage client and company resources in a cost-effective manner
Build an Unrivaled Environment for Talent
3. create an unrivaled environment for ambitious talent

  • Develop and energize our people through empowerment, stretching, and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Foster an inclusive and nonhierarchical working atmosphere
  • Uphold the obligations of dissent and action
  • Respect the individual’s responsibility for balancing personal and professional life
  • Demonstrate care and concern for every individual
Govern through Core Values

4. Govern ourselves through strong core values

  • Live by the principles of participative collaboration with fully vested involvement and trust
  • Maintain a meritocracy
  • Benefit from individual freedom and assume the obligations of mutual accountability and self-governance
  • Collective participation in actively building and leading our company
  • Customer satisfaction and success is paramount and the key to our own success