Valley of Fire: Handicap-able, AI-based Pari-mutuel Virtual Horse Racing

  • We have launched the first Pari-mutuel virtual horse racing in the world in partnership with MGM Resorts and BetMGM.
  • Valley of Fire uses a patented, live, virtual racing system utilizing AI horses (artificial intelligence).
  • Each events on Valley of Fire is a live (real-time) race where each horse is competing to win the race.
  • Horses compete based on their race tactics, preferences, and innate abilities (speed, acceleration, stamina, starting ability, etc.).
  • Each race and each horse’s performance is stored in our database and available as past performances for our players.
  • Therefore, each race is fully handicap-able.
  • Like traditional races, Pari-mutuel pool information and real time payout prices are available right up to post time.
  • To make adoption easier with BetMGM, we are offering guaranteed minimum payouts, 100% carryover pools, and guaranteed multi-race jackpots.

How to Wager

  • Players handicap the virtual races like any traditional race using true past performance information available at
  • Players may place bets at a walk-up cashier or tote terminals in the BetMGM Sports & Race Books at MGM Resorts.
  • The Las Vegas Dissemination Company receives the wager from the casino, adds it to the right pool, and then eventually settles the bets after the event is complete – just like when you wager on a traditional race from your favorite track.
  • Players can watch the races live at the MGM locations below or on our mobile app (
  • When the tote settles the bet, players are paid out by the casino just as they would be on any other simulcast race.
Casino Winner's Circle is live at

Winner’s Circle Mobile

  • Winner’s Circle mobile is your one-stop shopping location for handicapping, viewing, and staying connected with our live Pari-mutuel virtual races.
  • Each race’s runners are presented with full past performance and graphical horse comparisons.
  • You can view each race on your phone from anywhere.
  • You can receive exciting promotions and information regarding our jackpot pools and wagering on our AI races.
Winner's Circle on MacBook

Winner’s Circle TV

  • Winner’s Circle TV supports handicapping and viewing races from your personal computer at home or in the Race Book.
  • Full past performance information on every horse and split times for their last 10 races.
  • You can also view probable pools, graphical charts comparing horses, and our analysts “angles”.
  • Visit